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My regular evening routine consists of planning and communicating to the Little's what tomorrow's agenda will look like. Last night it went something like this: "Now tomorrow remember, you wake up, make your beds, empty all trash cans, put away all laundry, (which I fold every evening for them to distribute in the morning) get dressed, brush your teeth,  then we go downstairs, bringing any dirty laundry to the laundry room, I put the wash on, you empty the dishwasher,  we make breakfast, set the table, eat and clean up  the kitchen and then it's back to the school books!"  We are getting back to school after a wonderful Christmas break and they all got so excited! The twinettes even got their books out before bed and wanted to start on them right away.  I reminded them it was bedtime, but assured them we would work on them tomorrow, since I had no plans to leave the house!

So today, they did everything they were supposed to and while we were all at the breakfast table eating, I got my phone to check for an email from our publisher. We are anxiously awaiting to hear from him with the release date for our book. There was no word from him yet, but, I got an email from my dear Sistah Jodi Jackson Tucker. Knowing they are in the process of adopting Kato Fred from Uganda, whom they discovered was left behind after they adopted his sister a few years ago, I opened it immediately. We are on the front lines praying for them, so I read it out loud to everyone.  Here is what it said:

 "Tuckers are heading to Uganda!"
Hello Faithful Friends and Family,

We just wanted to update you that we are planning to leave for Uganda the first week in February for court! We could not be more excited to go see our son and begin to get to know him.  Here are a few things we have been told about him already:

He is quiet (praise the Lord!  There is enough noise around here already...)
He is very funny once you get to know him.
He is extremely compassionate and will do anything for someone he loves.
He loves animals.
His favorite subjects in school are physics and chemistry (WHAT - oh dear, thank goodness my husband is a Chemical Engineer).

This is what he wrote about himself on some school paperwork when asked why he is a Christian:  
"In Romans 10-11, Jesus tells us that whoever believes in God will never be disappointed.  Therefore, I choose God, who never disappoints."  Fred, you will NOT be disappointed!!!!

Please be in prayer for us as we have so much to prepare.  
We need an additional $5500 to cover the travel costs of the trip.  We are completely in faith that God is going to provide this and we are not going to have to go into debt to complete this process.  WE HAVE 3 WEEKS TO RAISE THIS MONEY.
Some of you have already been extremely generous is supporting us and we could not be more grateful.  God bless you.
Here is the link where anyone can make a tax deductible donation.  Please help us spread the word to anyone that might feel moved to support us.  I have also posted this on Facebook.


Finally, we are thrilled to tell you that Olivia will be going with us on the trip!  She has been saving her waitressing money for quite a while, and recently decided to use it to buy her own ticket to Uganda.  As a future professional photographer, she will use this trip to build her portfolio.  We are so excited she can be part of this journey!  

we love you all,

p.s.  Attached is a photo of Fred with his sister, Agnes, in 2009.  I actually took this photo...so glad I have it now that God has revealed His plan!!!
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Well, a few months ago, we started a new program with our Little's. I gave them each a large manila envelope with their names on it and told them it was time to learn about how to handle money.  I decided it was time to be intentional about teaching them about responsibilities with their own money. They each have their own 8x10 envelope to decorate and maintain. We put them  in the kitchen file basket to make them easily accessible.They have just started to get a small allowance for doing chores and the tooth fairy has been making regular visits these days! They also had some birthday gift money stashed in a drawer that is now in the envelope. We talk about being good stewards of what they have been given and to be wise with it.  For the first time, they used their own money to buy Christmas gifts this year.Then I told them they need to think about their future, like saving to buy a car some day, or for any future purchases they may want to make. So, for weeks now they find coins, or get a dollar from Grama for helping her with something and they run to put it in their envelopes.

Well today, immediately after reading Jodi's email,  everyone wanted to SEE the photo of Fred. Within seconds, Jimmy said: "Hey mom, can we give them some money?" My response; "Sure Jimmy, that would be a great idea." He immediately got up and ran to get his money envelope and everyone else jumped up right behind him. We suddenly had chaos of coins and money being strewn all over the table. I suggested they each count out their money and determine how much they wanted to give. I was not going to make any decisions for them. They were so excited and started to talk amongst themselves. I heard Kezzie say; "Toys is not important like Fred in the orphanage." Jeremiah, "Yeah, we can get more money to save up for our cars later!" Jimmy: " I am going to give them half of everything I have." Then he proceeded to "do the math and got it right!" Keren and Jeremiah agreed to do the same. Josiah decided to give 75% of his money and then Kezzie being quiet and just watching them all said, "I am giving him ALL OF MINE!" I stood there at the table just in awe as these five "USED TO BE ORPHANS" were counting their money to help pay for a boy in an orphanage in Uganda to be rescued by his new family! As they were putting their money into the new smaller envelopes I handed out, Kezzie ran to the supply cabinet and returned with heart shaped stickers telling her siblings to decorate them with the hearts she found saying; "That way they will know we love them." She also drew hearts all over it. They had $92.50 total in their envelopes!

By this time, Jerry and I were just watching in awe. He turned to me and said: "We have to give too!" I immediately agreed and then he asked me what number came to me. We both agreed on giving a certain amount. When I asked him if we even had that much to give he responded, "No, but if we don't give even when it hurts then we have no faith!" So, I turned to the kids and asked them if they wanted to take the money to the Tuckers right now, instead of heading to the books. They unanimously jumped up with joy and started for the coat closet. We quickly got our things together and headed out to Durham to make our special delivery. I didn't call in advance because I knew my sister would feel obligated to pull out the vacuum, or maybe even rearrange her beautiful furniture or something. Even though her house is always immaculate, I seem to have that effect on people because of my "clean freak reputation" and I hate it. I just wanted to show up, drop off the money and leave without interfering with her day!

It was a thirty minutes drive and while listening to worship music, the kids were giggling and so excited. Half way there Kezzie said, "Mama, we made God really happy today because we gave our money to help Fred get out of the orphanage didn't we?" My response with tears and choking up, "You guys sure did Kezzie, God is smiling down on all of you right now!"

We got to their house and the kids literally were jumping out of the door before I took the key out of the ignition. When they rang the bell, they were just gitty. The Tuckers were "SHOCKED" to see the Littles' on their doorstep. In fact, when Jodi asked Jerry who was there he said, "It's the Little's, the Mestas Little's!" To which she murmured, "Oh my, it couldn't be them, it must be the neighbor kids, he thinks all kids look alike!" They invited us in and the kids couldn't wait for them to open all the envelopes. They were overjoyed!! Jodi was actually painting Fred's room when we got there and invited them upstairs to see it. They were so excited to see the preparations being made for him. We then enjoyed an unexpected  afternoon visit with a cup of tea, playing with baby dolls and Lego's, jumping on the trampoline and then had to get on the road. Before we left, we sat in the driveway and they each prayed over the Tucker home for the Lord's protection, provision and blessings as they head out to Uganda to bring home their new son! Needless to say, today's curriculum at Mestas Christian Academy, was not the one I had planned out last night!

I felt led to share today's adventure with you because I SEE GOD and hope you do too! When I started homeschooling seventeen years ago, I was very rigid and controlling, making sure we worked on academics every day and often missed out enjoying life. Then, as time went on and I grew in my faith and wisdom of the Word, I  began realizing I am not in control of my days but the Lord is. I began to ask HIM to show me what HE wanted me to teach the kids and how we should schedule each day. I often say, "I used to do academics and squeeze life in, but now I do life and squeeze academics in. You see, education/school is not just what happens in the classroom, or in the books, but more importantly, it's what we do with our lives, time, resources and how we nurture their hearts and minds. Today, I had plans not to leave the house and to just work on academics, but the Lord had other plans!  My children heard a cry for help, and answered the call with the resources and time they had. Today, they heard a whisper from the Lord himself, to act in faith and compassion on behalf of a child who is exactly in the same situation they once were. My prayer has always been, and continues to be, that the Lord will use their/our lives for HIS purpose and HIS glory and that they/we will be a voice for the ORPHAN'S still left behind!

May I please ask you to also step out in faith and be about the Lord's business today. Will you please give what you can to the Tucker family right now? They have 3 weeks to raise the rest of the funds to bring this precious boy home where he is already loved, and will be trained to know the one true God, Jesus Christ!

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps."  Proverbs 16:9 

"Whoever has the world's goods and sees his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him?  Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue but in deed and truth."  1 John 3:17,18

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