Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another Day in the "Messed Up" Mestas House!!!

Today started w/chores/breakfast then the little's yelling and very upset because there is a bird trapped in our garage since yesterday and it won't fly out. They are afraid it is going to die. They have tried to coax it out and it just keeps going deeper into the back and burying itself under more "stuff"! Got some school assignments out then took my mom shopping for her birthday present...a new SMART TV 42" which SHE educated me on. I had no idea these even existed.
Lunch/then took the little's to our homeschool celebration beginning a new school year gathering at ClayFushion where they painted tiles and expressed their awesome creativity. Ellie & I were quite busy helping 5 of them paint, blow dry, then paint, blow dry, until they got their tile perfect! Got a call from BJ that the ARMY recruiter called and gave him medical clearance to proceed with his enlistment. :(
Came home, cooked up
steak on the BBQ (that Melissa & Randy bought for us and I LOVE IT!)w/scalloped potatoes, tomato salad and fresh asparagus. Cleaned up the kitchen got the kids bathed and ready for bed, finished our study on the book of RUTH, devotions and prayer time and got the phone call from BJ that he was in a car wreck. Thank the Lord he is OK but it looks like his truck is totaled.
Seven loads of laundry still on the couch cause I didn't get yesterday's laundry done. Spoke to my baby Melissa and Randy too! Saw new photos of my grandbabies which makes my heart jump w/joy! Ellie started her new Anatomy class tonight and loved it then baked a batch of "Lamenting" cookies for BJ and he devoured them all!
Just a little recap on all the things I had to handle today!! I still have a few more things to do before I can call it a day....but wait, it's tomorrow right now and I'm still not done with yesterday's always "More Than "I" Can Handle!"
Thank you LORD for another GREAT DAY!! Seven of my babies are here tucked in their beds, my hubby and mom are here, my dog Miss Ruby is laying on my feet waiting for me to take her upstairs to my bed and my HOT bath tub bubbling with Dr. Teals Lavender Bath Salts is calling me...blessings to all!!

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