Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Book

I have not been posting on the blog because I am writing a book of the miraculous journey we have been on in the adoption and orphan care ministry. I have no idea what the Lord will do with it but I do know he has called me to write it. I am hoping to finish writing this week and then start the editing process. At this time, the title is: "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" (But with God all things are possible) Please keep us in your prayers and stay tuned!! To God Be all Glory Honor and Praise.


Leslie said...

Can't wait!!!

Abbie G said...

I got to hear you speak and met your family at the Orphan Conference in Hershey in November, Eileen. I was so grateful and blessed to hear your story and I cannot WAIT for the book to be finished and published - I want to know more details and share your story with so many other people, including my cousin and his wife who are in the process of adopting from Korea and currently trying to patiently wait for a referral.

God bless!