Friday, November 27, 2009

Solomon's Thanksgiving Prayer

Hello mom,

How are you today? I am doing well here. Mom I would like to say happy Thanksgiving Day for you and for all my family. How much miraculous things God give for us in this past year. He gave for us more than other people got. Firstly He gave a chance for you to come here and celebrated my birthday with me. Secondly, I am valedictorian. Thirdly, he got for me a laptop and CDMA (air card) to communicate with you and money other things. So mom this Thanksgiving Day is very special for us. I spent my day by praising his name and singing songs to day. I got many excited things by the past year. The great thing I got is the love and a beautiful memorial time I have with you and Georgy. I am a sinful person but always God is good for me and he led me in good direction. I am not enough even to walk but God’s forgiveness and love covered my sin. He is near to me when I pray and giving for me everything that I asked him. You are the one and the special gift that gave for me. I didn’t know what is right and wrong and also don’t know what to talk but he is my voice and leading me at the right direction. I am poor but God is my richness. I am weak but God is my strength. Everything I have is him. I don’t have a right to do anything without him. My always prayer look like this please God bless and safe all Mom and all my family. I don’t ask you anything about me. I only cry out to you about my family. Give for dad a good job near to his home. Give strength to mom to take care of all the babies every day. God if you bless her I am also blessed, if you make strong her I also strong. Because I am a dead person without you and her. I want to help and to do for my family many things but I don’t have anything to do. The only thing I have to do is that to cry out and pray to you. Please God listen my prayer. I know my savior I am not enough to say anything but I beg you for the life that you sacrify for us. God thank you for giving for us this day. Thank you for keeping mom safe up to this day. Thank you for giving for me a blessed and beloved family. Please bless all of them forever. Thank you God. Thank you mom and my family. I love all of you from my bottom of my heart. It is very hard and painful for me to live here without you but I am patiently waiting what good store for me for future.

Mom and dad I love all of you very much. I wish for you this a blessing thanksgiving day. I pray to God today a lot and thank him for giving you all for me. Words are not express about you. I have no word what to say about you. You all are awesome and a gift from God to me. God bless you forever and ever. AMEN!!!!!

Love Your Son Solomon Mestas!!!!!

I am a blessed woman for the LORD to have given me this precious son!

James 1:17 says, "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." Everything we possess in any capacity has been given to us by a good God who loves to give good gifts to His children. And He is an extravagant giver. All we have to do is receive.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Allie Garcia said...

he is incredible. what an amazing work God has done!

Emma said...

He will do great things for his country. WHat an amazing young man!

Erin Moore said...

So precious - I praise God for Solomon, he remains in my prayers.

Thank you Eileen, for being his mom.

In Christ,

Our journey following Christ said...

You sure are a blessed momma to have a sweet, loving son like Solomon! If we could all be so selfless, the world would sure be a better place.

I've enjoyed following your blog. You are a great inspiration to me. I admire your faith and passion for orphans.

Thank you for sharing your heart in this blog.

May God bless you richly,

Joy for the Seasons said...

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing that!