Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dinner with Misganaw

We have been getting to know Misganaw and having him over for dinner. He is such a delightful young man. I am so excited that the Lord brought us together. I don't know the full picture yet, but I do believe this has something to do with our Solomon. Misganaw is going home in July and he is going to visit him for us. I have also asked him to pray and talk to his parents about possibly taking Solomon in to live with them when he is released from Kolfe. Misganaw reminds me of Solomon in that he is a very gentle spirited young man, he is very smart, very handsome, and he loves the Lord. He also is interested in working with computers. I think they could become good friends with much in common. So, I am praying that this may be a link to helping Solomon. Stay tuned as we WAIT UPON THE LORD!

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