Thursday, November 20, 2008

Solomon' s Letter 11/15/08

Hello my dear mom,

Yes I received my package and the money. I donʼt know what I can say. I canʼt express my feeling by words. Thank you very much. I enjoyed very much the delicious cookies and chocolate. The jacket that dad and Jonathan wore also wonderful and it fit me and the shirts too..

I received the birr from Wolfe family. I learned for two years in my college with out payment (scholarship) but now they asked me to pay half price payment. Unless they told me to stop so, I decided to pay the money you send for me. I asked Ryan if he can help pay for me but he said that it takes a long time so, he told me that it is better to pay the money that you send for me. The amount of money that my collage asked me is 1300 birr

You know if you didnʼt send me this money, my only choice would be that I have to stop school but this did not happened because of you. Thank you so much.

I sent you a letter and a big hugs and kisses with Aschaew & family. If you want to know any information about me ask Aschalew he know all about me. He was my best friend. It was very difficult thing to say goodbye to him. But I had no choice.. I remembered him all the time. Before he left I told him to pray to God to makes a way for me too to come to America.

Mom, I love you and thank you very much for the money and package. I understood why tears came to my eyes when I taught about you because I love you too much. Words are not expressing my feeling anymore about you. You all are Awesome for me. I havenʼt a potential to do anything for you except pray. I love you mom.

I wrote the letter all about my feelings that my heart told me about you and some of my favorite proverbs. Say Hi to all my family for me and I love them all too much.

Kibrom send his greetings to you and he wants to tell you love you too much.



This is my precious son whom I love!! My heart is aching to see him and hug on him again. Kibrom is the young man in our Kolfe video who wants to be a pediatrician. He is being adopted by a family in Florida as a result of them seeing our video. Ashalew just arrived home to Michigan with the Wolfe family. In His own words, he has been set free!

Please stay tuned, I have several posts coming to share some wonderful events that have recently taken place!!

Blessings to all of you who read our blog and share our journey of faith.


Holli said...

all Solomon's letter touch my heart....I am praying I will be able to go to the Kolfe Boys Home when we are in ET. All of the "boys" are in my heart and prayers ever day....
Thank you for sharing these letters God does/will do mighty things through the words of your son.

Robin said...

You've been tagged!!!!!

Thank you for sharing these letters from Solomon-- they are difficult to read because they so break my heart!

Much love,

Renee said...

Everytime I read your letters from Solomon I'm amazed and at the same time so saddened that he cannot be with you. We also spent alot of time with him at Kolfe and he has such a sweet sweet soul. Looking forward to what news you may have to share, I have to believe that one day Solomon will find his way home.