Saturday, September 13, 2008

Josiah Turns 4 Years Old!!

We just celebrated our first birthday with our precious Josiah Abel! He was so excited to finally have his own birthday! He has celebrated the twinettes turning 1 year, the twins turning 5 years, Jonathan turning 18, Ellie turning 15, Randy, Melissa, Grandpa, Papa, and Grandma also had birthday celebrations since he has been home with us! Finally it is HIS TURN!! Next week will be mine too which he is also very excited about. How precious that he noticed I haven't had one either. Visit our twins blog for photos and details HERE.


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Josiah!

Monica said...

Happy Birthday Josiah! Cori's birthday is the same day as yours! And Happy Birthday to you Mrs. Mestas! We are still praying for you guys, we thank God for all the amazing things he has been doing in your family. Thanks for keeping us updated! We love you guys!
Monica Daming

Amber said...

i would love to trade links with you. we are searching for our daughter in Ethiopia and home school our 3 boys. we have begun to blog about all this.
let me know if that is o.k.