Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ellie is in China!!!!!!

I sit here in awe that my precious 14 yr.old daughter is in China right now with Shaohannah's Hope. They are getting their orphanage ready to open and they took a total of 16 young ladies to work there for 2 weeks and to care for and love on the precious children. Here is my first email from her:

Hey guys!

How is it going over there? I hope it is going well. I love you guys!! We are doing awesome. We went to the great wall today which was a beastly/painful climb but it was sooooo worth it once you get to the top. We actually 'tobogganed' down from the great wall. It was like this little car/sled thing that you sit on, on a slide that goes alllllll the way down the mountains and over a was kind of freaky but it was sooooooooo much fun. I can't wait to show you guys pictures but i have no way to get them on the computer!!

We went to a blind orphanage yesterday and had a huge water fight and we are going back tomorrow. I cant wait! :-) We are having a blast and everyone is getting along soo well. It feels like everyone has known each other for years...not 3 days. Half of us went on a bike ride through the village today and it was gorgeous and we had a blast. The weather was beautiful today. The workers here are so nice too. i love it here and i am so thankful that God has allowed me to come here. We are staying in these huts that have bugs in them but its ok...:-) The huts are right outside the foster home so we are with all these cute little kids in the mornings and then we usually go somewhere in the afternoon. We are actually in a very rural area. we are about an hour away from the city area and somewhat outside of this really cute little village. I love you guys!!! I will try and email again soon.

I love you mama and papa and jonathan and jeremiah, josiah and james and keziah and keren and melissa and randy and vaden and grandma and grandpa and ruby...and samson.....sheesh...:-) Happy early birthday grandpa!!! Mcha!! I will try and email in a couple days. Love you all!

In Christ,

That's my baby biological I call her. She is such a sweet heart and she has such a passion and heart for the orphan. This is an amazing journey the Lord has orchestrated for her and I am so excited to see how her life's journey unfolds. Please keep her and the team in your prayers. Thank you!


Nikki said...

Thanks for the update- I was thinking about her! Sounds amazing!

The Freeland Family said...

Thanks for sharing Ellie's email. Our family has been praying for her this week. Corinne prayed today, "Help Mih Ewie be tafe" which is "Help Miss Ellie be safe". :) ~Sabrina

Creech Family said...

Ooohh, tell her we are praying and look forward to a "picture show" when she gets back! Tell her to hug and kiss them lots for us, too! Lots of love to all of you -

WheresMyAngels said...

How wonderful and what an experience for her!

Michelle Riggs said...

HOw wonderful that she is serving God in this wonderful way. She will change lives.

I hope that my daughter, Samrawit, will do the same when she is a little older.

Renee said...

I can't wait to see what the future hold for Ellie, she has such potential to create real change for orphans through her loving heart and compassionate soul.

sparkz said...

I hope Ellie has enjoyed/is still enjoying her trip! It's great to serve God and His people!

Any updates on Solomon and what can be done? If nothing else maybe you can raise funds and send him something extra each month for food, or whatever he needs. I know I would be willing to donate something. Even if you had 10 families commit $10 per month it would give him a bit more to live off of. I have just been thinking about possibilities...

Debbie said...

What an awesome experience for her to be able to go there and help with that!! I love hearing it!!

God be with her and safe travels for her!!


Em said...

What a wonderful opportunity for her! It looks like she's growing up to be a caring and thoughtful young lady. Something to be proud of for sure!