Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Goodbye KBS

We received our final note from Kate, at KBS telling us all is complete and we are done. "It has been a pleasure working with you and I wish you all the best as you continue this exciting adoption journey. Thanks, Kate". I just wanted to take this time to thank Kate at KBS Dossiers for her professional, prompt and loving service to us. At the beginning of this journey we really struggled with whether or not to use this service, or to save the money and try to do it all ourselves. Since we are struggling to get every penny for this expensive endeavor we really weren't sure if this was wise. Well, I must say "IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!" We are so grateful that we chose to work with Kate because we know now that she handled everything in an expeditious manner and was on top of things all the time. She responded to our questions immediately and everything was so stress-free. If you are in the process of adopting internationally may I recommend you save yourself the stress and hire KBS. There are so many papers to fill out and things to do, and having her handle all of the authentification process was just a major load off and it all went so smoothly.

Also, I can't be more grateful and pleased with Gladney, our adoption agency. Everyone has been so attentive, responsive, loving and genuinely caring in this whole process. When we started this journey we initially contacted several agencies. Gladney was the first to respond and kept responding. From our initial phone call from Debra Parris, to Tonia Anderson, Mary Thottukadavil and Kate at KBS, I can honestly say they have all been a pleasure to deal with and every one of them has a real heart to serve and do their jobs with the utmost professionalism and care. I thank the Lord for every one of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have all helped make this journey one of joy and ease as we have taken each step of faith, filled out every form, and signed, notarized and authenticated everything. I have made a book of this entire journey that is now four inches thick. Every email, every form and every blessing along the way has been documented. What an amazing experience this has been. And honestly it has flown by. Four months and we are already on the threshold of our referral. The LORD is so good and so amazing. Thank you Thank you Thank you.......

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you... Phil 1:3

Friday, July 13, 2007


Wednesday, July 11, 2007 CIS approval arrived. Finally, we are finished with all of our paperwork! Today, Thursday, July 12, 2007, I personally took the CIS to notarize and then this and the FBI Clearance packets to the NC Secretary of State in Raleigh to be authenticated. It turned out that the notary on the FBI packet had Jerry's name along with mine so it was no good. The only notary at the NC Secretary of State came down to notarize the form for me, but as it turned out her notary commission expires this year, and Ethiopia requires that it be valid for at least one year. So, I had to go down the street to the CCBI building where the Sheriff's Dept notarized my document at no charge. Then I took it back to Secretary of State and they said it will be ready by tomorrow, Friday 7/13/07, after 11:00 a.m. So, I will go back to pick it up and FedEx it to Kate at KBS dossiers. Mary at Gladney told me today that as soon as Kate has all of our documents ready to be sent to D.C. for final authentication, she will let her know. Kate said this will be next week. It is at that point that we are considered to be on the waitlist to receive a referral!!! Hooray!! We are in our last days of pregnancy and about to find out who the LORD has planned for our family. We are really getting excited now. It could be anytime after next week???

In the meantime, our dossier will be sent directly to Ethiopia once authenticated by the US Dept of State and Ethiopian Embassy. (I hear this can take a week or two for each) Once it reaches Ethiopia, it will be translated and be held ready until we receive and accept a referral. Once we accept a referral, our dossier will then be submitted to the courts. They will call us when we receive a court date. Our in -country representative has the authority to represent us in court (We gave them power of attorney) without us physically being there. Assuming the court goes well, we will be expected to travel to Ethiopia two weeks after the approved court date.

So, that's it! We are done! We are just waiting now!!! It all went so smoothly and so quickly. Ellie and I were giggly all day today. We can't believe this is really happening. It's so surreal! From the morning I sat with the Word of God at my kitchen table fully expecting the LORD to tell me we were done with having children, to sitting here today typing these words, I am in a state of awe!! That HE would choose me to be a part of something so amazing and miraculous is just surreal!! I can't wait to see the precious little faces of the children he has planned for me to hold in my arms, and heart forever.

Oh, but how bittersweet this is. As I sit here with excitement,joy and great anticipation, I can't help but think of the precious mother and father in Ethiopia who have to face tragedy, pain, sadness, grief and even death, in order that we may receive this blessing of our daughters. Oh, LORD, how I pray for them and this whole situation. That through one's suffering, the ashes, you may bring beauty and restoration. May you find me faithful, obedient and humble to carry out this calling you have placed in my heart LORD. May you alone receive all the honor and glory. My precious daughters, how I long to know you, hold you, kiss you, and love you. My heart is yearning for you, filling with love and joy for you as I speak. My eyes are flowing with tears of compassion and sorrow for your family in Ethiopia, but at the same time, joy and hope for what the LORD has in store for you here with us in the United States of America.

We are all in prayer for you, your people and your country. Until we meet, may the LORD keep you in HIS precious care and give us all wisdom, discernment and protection as we seek HIS face, HIS will and HIS purpose. I LOVE YOU , YOUR MAMA!!!

Stay tuned as things can get really exciting any time now. We will post as soon as we get a referral! Also, please keep us in your prayers. We are in need of approximately $10k for travel expenses and we are applying for some grants. We are trusting the LORD to provide as he has everything else we have needed. But we do appreciate your prayers. Thank you all... please feel free to leave a comment so we know who is following along on this journey with us!